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We Bought A Zoo

Skirt: Made (Vintage Sheet)
Top/Dress: c/o Zaful
Shoes: Modcloth (Salt Water Sandals 
Bag: Thrifted
Hat: Forever 21
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: Vintage 
If you haven't noticed it already, this post really has nothing to do with the zoo (or the movie related to this title which I haven't even seen), besides the fact that this location reminds me of the zoo (weird I know). Our local zoo in Houston has quite an array of bamboo scattered throughout the grounds, and as soon as I happened upon this picture location that vision immediately came to my mind. Truly, there is something very unique about the zoo with the location, architecture, landscape, and animals and I am somehow always reminded of day outings taken back in the 1900's. 

As soon as I discovered this quaint corner near campus I of course started thinking of an outfit I wanted to take pictures of here, and settled on this mixed print ensemble. This look was actually created by layering this floral skirt over a yellow gingham dress that has been sitting around in my closet. I of course finished off the look with a brown belt and matching sandals, grabbed by straw hat, and this darling straw bag that I found at goodwill recently. 

All in all this is probably one of my favorite looks that I have photographed recently because it filled me with such excitement to capture something that felt so perfectly "me" and a look I am always trying to go for (really just trying to copy A Clothes Horse). I also managed to get an early start to take these pictures and was able to capture a bit of morning "golden hour" which made me EXTRA excited! 

However, that is all I have for now because I am currently on a week long road trip with my college roommate! If you want to see what we are up to make sure to follow along on my Instagram and Insta stories for all the fabulous adventures:)


Stripes & Spring Sneakers

Pants: Thrifted (Talbots)
Shirt: Thrifted (Jones New York)
Shoes: Rack Room (Limelight)
Purse: EverlyOak
Necklace: Kendra Scott

You would have thought that since I had no finals this semester (which meant a week with no work college related) that I would have been posting blog content out of the wazoo, but that was completely NOT the case! 

Time completely got away from me last week, with spring checkouts and packing up ALL MY STUFF to move back home. To top it off, this weekend was full of attending college graduations for some dear friends and Monday I spent the entire day (really like 9 hours) unpacking, culling, and reorganizing all of my stuff that I brought back from college (which was a LOT)! 

So here's the thing, even though I have like 3 awesome shoots sitting on my computer to post, life was still crazy and the thought of sitting down to write a post seemed daunting amongst all the tasks at hand, but alas, today I bring you this casual and fabulous spring/summer look. 

I have had these pants since the fall and wear them at last twice a week. I love them because while they are denim, the cut and pockets make them look a bit more dressy and I can get away with dressing them up or down (plus they are so comfortable). Of course, what would summer denim be without stripes and I am so in love with this tshirt that I picked up at Goodwill. However, the icing on the cake are these absolutely perfect white spring sneakers! I had seen a lot of people this season with the cutest sneakers and took props from Olivia with this particular pair. I have seen Olivia on multiple occasions pair white sneakers with a slightly fancy top and denim, and totally love the paring so I thought I would try it for myself and I am hooked! 

I have always been a converse and keds kinda girl (and still am) but because of the lace cutout details on these sneakers I can actually get away with making these more dressy and that is a total BONUS! I'm curious to see how I will continue to style these throughout the season, but for now this is my new favorite thing:)

Are you a sneaker person?


Blushing Daze

Dress: c/o StyleWe
Shoes: Cato's 
Scarf: Vintage

Give me anything pink and I will be extremely happy, especially if it is light or blush pink! Ever since I was little I have always LOVED this color (as many girls do); I had a pink room for many years and if I ever had an option to pick a color it was always pink. However, as I have gotten older I have found that I don't wear as much pink as I used to, and that is why I was so excited to receive this perfect blush pink lace dress from StyleWe which truly made all of my girly pink dreams come true. 

To be honest, I feel like I should be at the Kentucky derby wearing this dress with a unique fascinator, but alas flowers and the downtown square will have to do:) With that being said, not only do I love the color of this dress, but the lace fabric and details are so feminine. I have always loved a good ladylike dress and this one fits the bill to a "T." I especially love the higher waist, shapely fabric, and thick pleats that give it a classic feel and will definitely be pulling it out for all the special occasions this spring/summer (to bad I don't have 7 weddings to attend this year).

Anyone else a fan of the color pink?
What is your favorite color?


Becoming a Teacher

Dress: Vintage (Thrifted)
Shoes: Steve Madden (Marshall's)
Purse: c/o Gamiss
Glasses: Firmo
Necklace: Kendra Scott

Monday in class my professor had us write letters to our future selves that she will then mail to us in December before we graduate. I began to get very sentimental and emotional as I sat down to write my future self a letter, because while I know I will be graduation in December I don't know where exactly I will be in life, and thinking about the far away future that now seems even closer made me reflect back on my life over the past three years in college, and over this past semester and I began to pour out two pages of words to myself. 

When I was growing up I don't think I ever said that I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up, but being a teacher was always in my blood (both of my parents are teachers) and I grew up teaching and playing one room schoolhouse every day. Thus, as I entered college to minor in education it always just felt right. With that being said as my methods semester draws to a close and I look ahead towards student teaching in the fall and all the tests I need to take to get certified I am reminded of how much I have already learned through my process of becoming a teacher. 

Being a teacher is HARD and draining.....I'm not going to lie.....but it is also very rewarding and inspiring and exciting at the same time.....I have seen the good the bad and the ugly this semester and while I have had students tell me that I won't want to be a teacher because of the students (them) attitudes and behavior, their words and actions have actually made me want to become a teacher even more because I want to make a change. I want to make a change in the classroom in how it is run and I want to make a change in students attitudes towards learning. 

With that being said I await both the known (graduation & student teaching) and the unknown (student teaching placement and post-grad life) with anticipation and excitement for all that they have to offer. 

On a style note I do have to say this semester has really gotten me into the whole "teacher style" mindset and I always seemed to reach for something that said "teacher" when getting dressed. This look was one of my favorites! I found this vintage dress at Goodwill and absolutely fell in love with the color, style, polka dots, and perfect comfort of it. I think the dress is from the 70's but the style actually kind of reminds me of the 40's which is mainly why I got it and it is absolutely the PERFECT dress for teaching a room full of high school students. Pair it with oxfords for the classroom and an over sized grandpa teacher sweater (I do wear one in the classroom because it freezing....no joke) or a pair of summery sandals and accessories for an out of the classroom look. Of course if you really want to go all out with the teacher look and take props from Jessica Day than by all means you have to wear glasses too:)