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Recent Faves Pt. 4

  • Basically I just want everything at Chalk Full Of Love, but Sarah's fall collection has me swooning (insert excited and heart eye emoji's) and I want This, This, Definitely Thisalso Thisand This
  • I think I really NEED This "Luke's" Dinner Pin for the premiere of the new Gilmore Girls season!
  • Alissa's most Recent POST on The Adored Life seriously gives me "life" and I agreed 100% with everything she said!! Her thoughts on all the bloggers going on vacation had me in stitches, because truly if you are a single blogger who's going to take your pictures if you don't have an "#instagramhusband"? And I am totally all for a Netflix party......whose with me?!?!
  • Still really wanting to order and read #GIRLBOSS because I have heard so many good things about it and it seems so inspiring for entrepreneurs (like myself) but #collegeproblems of being nearly broke (#waiting on my first paycheck...LOL) 
  • Kind of OBSESSED with This Bedding at Target, which is weird because this is technically not my style, but I think the leaf print and pink/coral trim is the cutest thing ever! Plus, one of the girls in my house has it in her room and I nearly died when I saw it in person (not really, but kind of)....:)
  • Am I the only one excited that fall is just around the corner and TOTALY OBSESSED with ALL THINGS PUMPKIN SPICE like this campfire Mug! and this travel mug?!?!?!?
  • Totally swooning over Nicole's newest post Pastel Princess because the colors are to die for (really everything she wears is #fab) and the story she tells is so comical! 
  • Just got to be honest for a moment, but the book Lovely Bones which was on my Fall Reading List was literally sooooooooooo GOOD (I really wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did or finish it this soon) and no joke I seriously started crying like 4+ times while reading it (I NEVER cry) because the story was heart wrenching and beautiful and just so touching and powerful!! I also watched the movie when I was done too, and while the book was definitely WAY better they did a good job with sticking to the story line (plus Soirse Ronan  played Susie and I love her as an actress). 
  • Really loving the Block Heel trend! It's so 1960's does modern day New York and these black ankle-strap heels are so chic (and I might need them for this fall/winter). 
  • While I am on a shoe kick, lets talk about how much I adore these lace up flats from Target.....now I just have to decide which color.....black or cognac? 
Any of my faves your faves?
What are some of your current faves?


First Love

Dress: Me Made
Sweater: Thrifted
Belt: Sisters :)
Shoes: Sperry's 
Socks: Old Navy
Broach: Vintage
Watch: Sam Moon
***Pictures By Me***

As much as I like to be my own unique self and person, uninfluenced by the opinion of others around me, I feel that I have fallen away from being true to myself. I remember the days when I first discovered my love for vintage and embraced that new found love with a burning passion of dressing from centuries gone by. As I look back on pictures from years past I have see how my fashion has evolved and devolved, but also how I seem to have lost a part of myself over the fear of others opinions. That seems strange even to say or admit, but as I look at how my style has changed and slowly downgraded from the period perfect love that I once had for vintage eras, the only conclusion I can bring forth is that somewhere deep inside I still base what I wear on others opinions of me.
It is hard to accept that those fears are what have lead me to fall away from what my style used to be, but I have to accept them as partially true. While style in and of itself is singular to each person and changes along with us as we enter and exit different seasons of our life, I can't help feeling like something is missing when I look in the mirror and try to pick an outfit. I am missing that vibrant passion for vintage style and embracing it for all that it is without worrying about what others say or think! Why have those fears kept me from wearing the things that I used to?
As I look through pictures of other vintage styled souls, I can't help but see my old self in their style. Their style that is so self confident and proud.....not caring what others think because they know they are unique and one of a kind!

Maybe it is that I love fashion itself so much that my style have slowly formed around a look that embraces so many different types of "looks" that my wardrobe is a vast array of past loves, losses, and new discoveries? I dabble in different eras. I try different styles I see people wearing. I mimic current trends that catch my eye, and in the midst of it I am constantly changing. My style is not always stable. Some days I might look like a confident red lipped lady from the 1940's. Some days a swinging skirt donning 50's girl. And other days I might look like a classic version of a modern lady. It is unpredictable (at times), and yet I always find myself going back to my old love. While at times I change out of a period appropriate piece from a past decade due to an unnecessary uncertainty in the back of my mind in regards to others, some days I pull that period appropriate piece out of the rubble and put it back on knowing that it is time for me to find myself again....to embrace who I am and confidently go out and conquer the world.

My old love will always be my first love, and no matter how many times I fall away from it, I will always find myself back where I stood years ago with victory rolls, hair scarves, t strap shoes, pink tights, and clotch hats, walking through the doors of a public university and not caring what people thought of me, because I knew who I was. I was unique. I was one of a kind, and no one could change that. No one could steal that away from me and make me into someone else.

They say that some people hide behind their clothes, but to me, my clothes are what helped me to step out and be seen. Be seen not as the shy and quiet girl who hardly talked to anyone, who only speaks when spoken to, but as the girl who knows who she is and isn't afraid to show it. To be bold and loud without ever opening my mouth. A girl who embraces her uniqueness and hopefully inspires others to do the same.

Really, when you get to the heart of the matter, its all about staying true to yourself. Sure, there might be other lovely things and styles that catch your eye but there is only ONE you. Thus, in order to be fully you....to be confident as you, you have to embrace the style that calls your name. The style that makes you giddy with excitement every time you wear that dress or see pictures of others who share your same style. Your first love will always be what you come back to. So try as you might, even when you loose your way, you will always find a way back.

Do you ever lose sight of who you are?
Does you style change or stay the same?
What is your "first love" style?


//Lettered Decor// By Anna Linnea

I don't know about you all, but I am one of those people who likes to decorate! I love to decorate for parties and such, but I especially like to decorate my room! Decorating is one of those opportunities you have to take an empty space and make it your own by adding bits of you throughout. I especially love to decorate with inspiring and encouraging word art that I have either made myself or gotten from a talented and creative artist. 

Etsy is one of those places where you can find the most unique creations and is the perfect place to look when searching for something to add to your room or home decor. As a new Etsy owner myself I love the thought of a community where like minded creatives can come together and do what they love and I especially love the idea of supporting other small business owners.

A few months back I discovered ByAnnaLinnea on Instagram. Turns out that the owner of this darling Etsy Shop is actually from where I live, was homeschooled, and has two siblings who graduated highschool with me (more information than you needed), but aside from those fun facts, she creates the most original works of art, from water color paintings and lettering, lettered wood pieces, knit scarves, hats, and headbands. She actually opened up By Anna Linnea in honor of her late grandmother who used to crochet gifts for people.

A few weeks ago she contacted me on Instagram and asked if I would like to pick out a piece from her shop to share on my blog and socials. Of course I said yes, because I love all of her pieces but I also wanted to share her creations with you all. I had a fun time styling the "It Is Well" wood piece and deciding where I wanted to put it in my room at college. This piece is simple, so it matches with everything and I love the dark stain of the wood, plus the hand lettering is spot on! On top of that, this is also one of my favorite old hymns, so the words "it is well with my soul" are such an inspiration to see everyday!

Make sure to go check out By Anna Linnea on Etsy and Instagram. If you find any pieces that you can't live without (because lets be honest, all of them are perfect) than you can use the discount code: 
(good through September 1st)

Do you ever look on Etsy for home decor? 
Are you a fan of hand lettered pieces?


If Only A Vineyard

Dress: Thrifted c/o ThredUp
Scarf: Vintage
Sunglasses: Beach
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Purse: Vintage Coach
Watch: Sam Moon
****Pictures By Me****

Hello again lovelies! I must say that since being up at school for the past almost two weeks I have yet to get more than one photo shoot accomplished for the blog. I truly did have at least 3 shoots planned but the rain has kept me indoors nearly this entire week and alas, those photo shoots have yet to happen. Thankfully however, I had completed 3 shoots before coming back up to school, so as to have back logged photos if I wasn't able to go and take pictures (which ended up being the case), and those have gone to a good use.

The pictures for this post were from one of those shoots and I must say that this might just be one of my favorite self done shoots in awhile! Originally this ensemble first reminding me of something one would wear in France, but after taking these pictures I feel like it belongs in a Vineyard in California! What do you think? Somehow this delicate white dress with a neck scarf, vintage sunglasses, coach bag, tree lined walkway, and updo make me feel like an up class California vineyard owner (if only). Granted, there are vineyards in France too, but somehow this look reminds me of California.....I don't know why? Not that I have ever been to a vineyard, in California or Texas, but I have seen pictures and have access to pinterest so this path of trees seemed like the closest I could get to a vineyard in my hot southern state:)

Like I said, I am back up at college and getting settled in very nicely. This coming weekend is "move in weekend" for students living on campus so I will be busy checking all of my residents into their rooms. Then, next Wednesday the 24th, classes start for the Fall semester. I haven't quite decided if I am excited and ready for classes to start or not? Most of the classes I am taking this semester are very interesting, but sometimes I am just ready to be done with school so I can move on to following my dreams and dedicating more time to the things that inspire me and kickstart my imagination. However, regardless of whether I am ready for the Fall semester or not, I am curious to see what this semester has in store.

Good luck to all of you who are moving back up to college and getting ready to start back to school yourselves!

Are you ready for a new school year?
Have you ever been to a vineyard?


Gel Nail Polish + Stop Motion Video

I don't know about you all, but nail polish has never lasted very long for me. Somehow I am very hard on my nails and regular nail polish or a manicure from a salon only lasts a few days. Thus, with the short life of regular polish, and my impatience in having to wait for nail polish to dry has often kept me from painting my nails on a regular basis. However, when gel nail polish came out I was intrigued by its quality and lasting ability. Since Then, I have tried out three different brands of Gel Nail polish, all varying in prices, and for the most part they all hold up under wear equally and I am never going back to regular polish! 
While regular polish usually only last 3 days before it starts chipping, Gel Nail Polish will last almost a week before it starts chipping/fading and then I can still get away with it for at least another week.....pretty GREAT if I do say so myself! 

I thought it would be fun to make a Stop Motion video showing my Gel Nail polish collection! 
Thus, here are all of the polishes and colors included in the video:
Roulette Rush 620 (red)
2 Of A Kind 465 (grey/brown)
All or Nothing 020 (light pink)
Diamond Top Coat 010 (clear)
Sally Hansen
Sugar Fix 370 (light blue)
Game of Chromes 510 (gold)
All Chalked Up 230 (lavender)
Wet'n Wild
Pale In Comparison 720A (blush pink)
Pardon My Peach 726A (peach)

Have you ever tried Gel Nail Polish?


Fall Reading List

Ever remember me mentioning I have a LOT of books (like close to 200)? Well, thanks to thrift stores and online sites like Thrift Books I have developed quite the library. However, with so many books it is assumed that one would indeed read all of them. Unfortunately, while I adore books I don't always get a chance to read like I used to and thus have decided to change that! You may remember me mentioning back in my August Plans & Goals post, saying that I wanted to start and read a book. Well I have compiled a stack of titles from my collection that I hope to finish this fall semester, which roughly breaks down to 1 book per month. I REALLY hope I will be motivated to start reading again! Sometimes it takes me a while to get into a book if it is from a genre that I don't often read or has a plot that is different than my norm. However, I want to branch out and become more diversified in my reading and this seems like a great place to start :) 

Believe it or not, I actually found every one of these books at Goodwill, accept Scarlet which I picked up on Thriftbooks.com for $4 (so all in all I only spent $11 total on all 5 books). Books are a slight weakness of mine, even if I am not able to read them right away I still buy them if they sound interesting. Thus, I have compiled a synopsis for each book and my thoughts on reading it below, so without further adieu, keep reading to see what books I hope to finish this fall semester:

Countdown: The story of a formative year in 12-year-old Franny Chapman's life, and the life of a nation facing the threat of nuclear war. It's 1962, and it seems everyone is living in fear. Twelve-year-old Franny Chapman lives with her family in Washington, DC, during the days surrounding the Cuban Missile Crisis. Amidst the pervasive threat of nuclear war, Franny must face the tension between herself and her younger brother, figure out where she fits in with her family, and look beyond outward appearances. For Franny, as for all Americans, it's going to be a formative year. 
(I have been on a 1960’s kick recently so this book sound perfect)

Lovely Bones: It is the story of a teenage girl who, after being raped and murdered, watches from her personal Heaven as her family and friends struggle to move on with their lives while she comes to terms with her own death. 
(while this book sounds a bit serious, deep, and sad, the plot of the book seems very intriguing as the family deals with the loss of a child and coping with grief. Plus, it sounds like a book that would be a Criminal Minds episode, so I am curious to know how it plays out. Also, this book was made into a movie, so after I read it I really want to watch the movie.)

Blue Like Jazz: This semi-autobiographical work, subtitled "Non-Religious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality," is a collection of essays and personal reflections chronicling the author's growing understanding of the nature of God and Jesus, and the need and responsibility for an authentic personal response to that understanding. Much of the work centers on Miller's experiences with friends and fellow students while auditing courses at Reed College, a liberal arts college in Portland, Oregon. The book deals with inward spiritual dealings as Don, his friends Penny, Laura and others struggle with finding meaning in life and the ultimate battle with God ending with choosing him or choosing one's self. 
(Donald Miller’s writing style to me is similar to N.D. Wilson, who is one of my favorite authors, and I loved his second book “Looking for God Knows What” so I am curious to see how his first book compares)

The Various:  It is the first book of the Touchstone Trilogy which continues with Celandine and Winter Wood. The trilogy tells the story of the hidden tribes of little people who live in a tangled forest on a hill in Somerset, and their interactions with the children at the farm on whose land the hill stands. The tribes, who call themselves the 'Various', live difficult, self-sufficient lives, always in fear of discovery by the 'Gorji', or giants, as they call the humans who now dominate the countryside. 
(I picked this book up at Goodwill because it sounded so intriguing and I have always been one with an imagination for fairytale like stories with little people who are actually real and live in their own miniature world)

Scarlet: Is the second novel in Marissa Meyer's The Lunar Chronicles. The story is loosely based on the fairy tale of "Little Red Riding Hood", similar to its previous book Cinder which was loosely based on "Cinderella". 
(After seeing a number of avid book readers on Instagram raving about the Lunar Chronicles I finally read the first book, Cinder, and loved it! I can’t wait to see what book two has in store for all of the characters)

Have you read any of these books or heard of these authors?
Do you have a current reading list?
What is a book you are currently working on?


Touring Estates

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Marshalls (Steve Madden)
Belt: Vintage
Sunglasses: Sam Moon
Purse: Sam Moon

Happy Friday! I hope you readers have had a great week. My week has been busy with RA training at school and getting settled into my room. However, I still had this set of photos from our Florida trip that I was planning on sharing with you all. 

Whenever our family travels we (my mom and I) LOVE to visit old estates or the estates of famous people. Literally every state we visit we tour at least 1 house. In Florida we visited the winter Estates of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Did you know that they were actually super good friends and colleagues? Their winter estates are also side by side so they were also neighbors. It was so cool see where they spent their winters, but also to see their workshops, labs, and inventions. Both Edison and Ford were brilliant men and their inventions and fame would not have been possible without the other. 

However, apart from the great men who lived in the houses, the houses themselves were beautiful. The architecture was so perfect for an island home in Florida and both estates are backed by water. Furthermore, the estates were covered in different plants, flowers, and fruit trees, which was so intriguing to see. 

I chose to wear this darling strawberry top because a fruit print top seemed perfect for Florida and estates that boasted fruit trees everywhere you looked. I paired the top with a simple denim button front skirt, a yellow vintage belt, white sandals, and my handy travel purse. This ensemble was perfect for the island heat and a day of touring.

Have you ever visited Ford and Eddison's winter estates? 
Do you like to tour estates?