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The Spring Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: Ross
 Shoes: Cato's
Purse: EverlyOak

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen my stories and posts about my spring style obsession....culotte Jumpsuits! This blue and white striped number is absolutely TO DIE FOR and I couldn't pass it up when I found it. If there is one piece in my wardrobe that's already been worn multiple times this spring, this jumpsuit would be it! 

Stripes have always been one of my favorite prints, and the colors in this combo are perfect for this season. The light airy fabric of this style makes you feel like you are wearing pajamas which is always the GREATEST thing ever:) I also love all the details like the front pockets, buttons, and front tie. 

I think the greatest thing about jumpsuits is that they are so versatile in styling. I can easily pair this with clogs and some fun statement pieces or throw on a denim jacket and sneakers to dress it down. For this look I knew I just had to pull out my new Everly Oak basket purse to pair with the look and opted for my sued flats and a floral head scarf to give it a vintage vibe. Whatever the case, occasion, or day might be this jumpsuit will be my ultimate go to this spring into summer so expect to see it even more! 

Also....on a side note, I am heading out tomorrow to speak at the 2017 Modest Fashion Guild conference and I am so SUPER EXCITED to meet everyone who will be attending and speak to all the girls about "Styling Outfits For Photo Shoots." Not only will I get to talk to a couple people I have met on Instagram, but I can't wait to visit with girls who love fashion as much as me. 

Have you ever tried a Culotte Jumpsuit?


Easter Sunday 2017

(Pictures taken by my brother) 
Dress: Ross
Shoes: Shoe Carnival 
Earrings: Sam Moon

Easter has come and gone, and we are back to another week of happenings, but not without remembering what Jesus did for us on the cross......because he defeated death and conquered the grave, and that is something to celebrate and forever renew our perspective on how we live out our life! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend, because I for one had a wonderful time visiting with family and carrying out yearly traditions. On Saturday we had our first (of the weekend) Easter celebration with my moms side of the family and that was a relaxing day visiting with everyone and eating BBQ. After we left that celebration my family and I went to go see a movie and then we decided to try IN-AND-OUT burger for the first time (and also because I have been wanting to go) and that was definitely a fun memory as we were all in rare form and laughing our heads off! 

Sunday morning we woke up and went to church with our grandparents and our aunt and uncles family. Then after church we headed out to my other grandpa's house for our second Easter celebration with my dad's side of the family where we also ate BBQ (apparently it's kind of a small town Texas tradition). As always there was our annual Easter egg hunt, and the funny thing is that all the cousins are now 17-23 years old, but we still hunt Easter eggs! 

This Easter I didn't get a chance to make myself a dress, but I did find this lovely dress at Ross and fell in love with the color, cut, style, and print. The print actually reminds me of something you would find on The House That Lars Built because it has such a natural and earthy print which I LOVE! It's also great because it is 100% wash and wear so this will be seen in the classroom on many occasions (like yesterday). Since the floral print of the dress is so unique and natural, I decided to style my hair in a crown braid and even found some wildflowers (or weeds) to sprinkle amongst the braid which made me feel so whimsical. 

How did you spend your Easter?


Wind Blown

The realities of taking blog pictures! 
Dress: c/o Zaful
Tote: Hobby Lobby
Shoes: Keds
Sunglasses: Charming Charlies

I think you can guess why this post is titled "wind blow"! On this particular day I had every intention of taking "really great" blog pictures but then once I got to the top of the parking gaurage I realized it was VERY windy, but by then I was running out of time and didn't want to walk all the way to another location, so in came wind blow pictures! 

Truthfully, I think life is a LOT like this shoot. We can have every intention of doing something (thinking it will all be fine or that the hiccups will smooth out) but in the end we are NEVER in control. Just like on this specific day, God decided that he wanted to fan the earth with a GIANT piece of paper (i.e. wind) which was the catalyst to what I thought was a "perfect plan." But that is the reality of life....that as much as we try to have control we really have no say over what happens in the next hour, the next day, or even the next year, and if we are being honest that is one of the HARDEST things to accept! 

For me personally, I like (okay, that's putting it lightly) to know all the plans, details, times, etc. for when or if something is going to happen, and when things don't go as I think they should it totally stresses me out because I have no control. However, life doesn't play by my rules, it's God whose ultimately in control over what happens in my life and I have been on enough journeys of TRUST and FAITH over the years to know its best to just LET GO AND LET GOD. Nevertheless, even though I have learned to let go and trust God with the future there are still a sea of uncertainties that rise up in my head with a boatload of questions every time I give over control.

I find myself somewhat in the midst of a season of contemplating the future as I am nearing my next to last semester of college and everything that lies beyond. It's totally CRAZY to think of what lies ahead, but I think that its even crazier looking back to see everything that lies behind.....everything I have accomplished with God these past couple of years. So despite the unknowns and "what if's" that the future hold, I know that because of what lies behind me God is WAY MORE CAPABLE of handling everything that lies ahead. 

So here's to letting go and trusting God with what's to come, because I know that God's plans are to "prosper and not to harm me, plans to give me a hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11. 

Just remember that the more you trust God and let go of the things in life you want to control the easier it will get :)

Are you in a season of letting Go?


Rambles on French Countryside

Top: c/o StyleWe
Skirt: Forever 21
Scarf: Vintage
Shoes: Thrifted (Old Navy)
Purse: Vintage Coach
Hat: Forever 21

I know, I know.....this isn't the French Countryside, in fact it is FAR from it, but that doesn't mean that there aren't places I have found that remind me of what the French Countryside would look like. In fact, when it comes to imagining myself in another place it often comes down to styling a look that is inspired by the very place I envision in my head:)

When I think of the French countryside (or really French fashion in general) I think of a neutral palette with a hint of simple color, laid back styles, effortless hair, delicate lace, hats, and maybe even a dash of ribbon. Imagination is a key component of my fashion and style process, so whether it is dressing for an occasion or place it's all about a vision. Thus, with my thoughts in my head I set out to create an ensemble worthy of exploring the French Countryside and my closet did not disappoint! 

I pulled out my elegant lace blouse from StyleWe for another appearance (see it here) on the blog and decided to pair it with this simple and comfortable skirt from Forever 21 with the most handy front pockets you have ever seen. Then of course it was obvious that a neck scarf was needed along with a boater hat for a more "country feel". I even opted for a different and extremely simple hairstyle (really I was just lazy that day) of a side braid and ribbon which totally reminded me of something Daphnie would wear, and also it's a blue ribbon which just seems so elegant. I pulled out my thrifted Old Navy clogs for the first time (they are literally the most amazing shoes) and love how they went with the entire vision. Of course, no spring look inspired by the French countryside is complete without flowers and I am all about these yellow and lavender blooms!  

Even though I haven't traveled to all (or any) of the countries I talk about, it is always interesting to realize that I take a lot of my style inspiration from them. So often I find myself looking in the mirror and thinking "I belong in England today" or "Goodness me, I look like a French girl" (point in case) and then it just makes me smile knowing my dreams of traveling abroad already influence me so much right where I am:) I say it ALL THE TIME, but fashion and personal style truly do have the power and magic to transport you to a different place! 

Are you a fan of French style?
What is a country or place that inspires you?


The Smell of Old Books

Blouse: Thrifted (Express)
Sweater: Thrifted (Merona)
Skirt: c/o StyleWe
Shoes: Target (old) 
Broach: Vintage
(Photos by Kenny @blindvisualsmedia)

Have you ever walked into an old library or book store and been greeted by the aroma of books? I remember a friend once telling me that she loved the smell of books and would open them up to inhale their aroma before buying one. I don't think I am that obsessed with the smell of books, but I will admit that they have an aura about them that is all their own......one that smells of history and aged wisdom.  

Books are such precious things because they bind stories together, teach us of the past, take us on adventure, introduce us to new people, and teach us lessons we might never learn in real life. I might not be as much of a book worm as I would like to be, but I do appreciate books a GREAT deal and always make it a mission of mine to find the oldest book wherever I am (I even own a few hundred year old books). It just so happens that our library at college houses a number of old books, and they always seem like such treasures when I run my fingers over their spines and open their covers to find their publish date. I've never once gone to the library to study, but I have gone there to wander through the vast array of isles and read the many titles that sit amongst the shelves. 

A couple of weeks ago I was finally able to make my dreams of taking pictures in a library come true when I met up with a fellow RA & photographer to snap a few pictures amongst the books. I thought that a library was the perfect setting to wear this Scottish plaid skirt from StyleWe that I absolutely LOVE! I actually call this ensemble my teacher look (I wore it the first day of Methods this semester) because it combines a scholarly plaid with a classic button up and navy cardigan.....tell me that's not a teacher look! But a teacher also fits perfectly into a library:) 

This skirt is literally the most AMAZING skirt I have ever owned because it's quality is incredible and its cut is impeccable. If there were a skirt that fit me like a gem and that was so perfectly made for me, this would be it! While I usually wear this skirt in the winter and fall I decided it needed one last hurrah before the warmer months, and so it took a visit to the library. 

Do you like the smell of old books?
Are you a library person?