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Rodeo Houston

Skirt: Made (vintage fabric) | Shirt: Thrifted | Jacket: c/o Modcloth | Belt: Thrifted 
Earrings: Ruthie Grace | Purse: Thrifted (Vintage) | Boots: Cavender's 

Some might be surprised to know that I am a country girl at heart. While I love the bustle and sights of the city nothing beats the serene beauty and life of the country. However, that isn't all surprising considering that both of my parents come from small country towns and I spent many weekends growing up roaming our family farm
With country in my blood and the fact that I live in Texas rodeo season is a HUGE deal in our neck of the woods, especially in Houston. This is only my second year at the "actual rodeo" but I went to the AG shows every year growing up and always loved spending time around the livestock and eating rodeo food. Thus, when my sister and I decided we wanted to go to the Rodeo this year we grabbed two of our best friends (who happen to be sisters) and booked tickets to the Rodeo and Zach Brown Band concert. 
Rodeo style is definitely its own "type" and depending on the rodeo itself, styles change drastically. My friend from Canada was actually SHOCKED that we "dressed up so much" for the rodeo because where she comes from people just wear plaid shirts, jeans, and boots. Oddly enough, the more "casual" style of jeans, boots, and plaid really is common in Texas, but more so at outdoor rodeos, while the Houston Rodeo is quite the affair in Texas. The Houston Rodeo is one of the largest in the world and is held inside a professional football stadium that is converted into a rodeo arena for three weeks, so it's pretty modern compared to what one would most likely think of a rodeo being. 
Nevertheless, even though the Houston Rodeo isn't quite as "country" it still holds all the country charms that I am used to, rodeo events, delicious rodeo food (I tried fried Oreos for the first time...YUM), and visitors all decked out in their country boots. 
I was torn when deciding what to wear, knowing I could go super country, modern country, or stick to my roots and go a bit vintage country. I decided on a mix of it all and put together a look that was country while still being me. I opted to wear this vintage sheet skirt paired with a modern lace top and denim jacket. Of course, no rodeo look is complete without cowgirl/boy boots and I love this pair so much (I square danced in them for 5 years and scooted around my fair share of barn dances wearing them). All in all I love what my look came out to be, perfectly country while still "Madison"!

Have you ever gone to a Rodeo?
Are you a country person?


Travel Necessities

Spring Break is right around the corner for many of us and I couldn't be more excited! Spring Break for most means taking a trip or traveling somewhere. For some this might be a cruise, jet setting across the country, hoping in the car for a road trip, or loading up the car for a few days in the great outdoors camping. 
Every year at Spring Break my family takes a trip. Often time it is visiting family or going on a camping trip, this year it is a mix of both. My family has always been big into travel and taking road trips. However, while I love travel it often times takes a toll on my body. Traveling by plane causes me stress and anxiety and traveling my car means I get nauseous and somewhat sick (#notfun). However, over the years and hours spent in the car or on a plane (my trip to New York in January) I have come to rely heavily on a number of travel essentials both as a person and as a blogger. 
Obviously there are so many more "travel necessities" that one might require when taking a trip, but today I am sharing the necessities I always have in my bag or need for a trip by land or air. 

  1. Camera Card Adapter: This thing is my new FAVORITE gadget! I got it just before going to New York and it was so helpful. This camera card --> phone adapter allows you to upload and add photos you take on your camera to your phone (I have an iPhone so that is what my adapter is for). This works great for me since my phone camera isn't always the best quality for the pictures I want to take, and I don't always have access to wifi to email myself pictures. 
  2. Earbuds: who can travel without them? Music is my go to when traveling. It distracts me from what is happening around me (both in the car and on planes). I always listen to music in the car to help me go to sleep or distract me from the cars movement. When riding on the plane to New York I had my earbuds in whole time so that the sounds of the plane were not so loud (especially on takeoff). 
  3. TSA Approved Lock: Anyone who travels by plane has to have a TSA lock for their luggage and I love this particular style. 
  4. Extra Camera Batteries: I am notorious in forgetting to charge my camera battery, so having a spare with me is super helpful. Also....when I was in New York I learned that the cold drains batteries extra fast so I always had to carry an extra with me. 
  5. Luggage Weight: This is another thing you need when traveling by plane. I know you can weigh your luggage at the airport, but knowing ahead of time how much it weighs allows you to check in early and also helps you avoid overweight luggage charges. 
  6. Mario Badescu Facial Spray: My favorite facial spray in the entire world and every other beauty person will probably tell you the same thing! When you spend hours in the car, and especially when traveling by plane it can take a toll on your skin. Thus, this facial spray is the perfect pick me up. 
  7. Sleep Mask: I can't sleep without this, so it is definitely necessary to take traveling with me. However, it can also help when you are trying to fall asleep in the car or on a plane because it blocks out the lights. 
  8. Essential Oils: My saving grace for my nerves and nauseous stomach when traveling. I use "Stress Away" on a daily basis to calm my nerves, but it is also super helpful for stress when traveling. "Peace and Calm" is great to help you take a breath and relax, so this helps me when riding on a plane. "Lavender" is always my go to for nerves/stress but also for when I feel sick in the car. Lastly, "Peppermint" is always with me in my purse on a daily basis and especially when I travel. I use it on my temples to relieves headaches and taking a whiff of it helps when you get sick. 
  9. Protein Packed Granola Bars: Snacks are always a must when traveling to keep you energizes and curb hunger when you don't get a chance to eat a real meal. I always go for snacks that are full of protein and nuts to fill me up more without so much sugar. 
  10. Altoids: Not do only do they help with bad breath, but they are the cure all for feeling nauseous, so these always go with me when I travel. 
  11. Books: Can't travel anywhere without books. When I was little I didn't get as car sick and would spend all my time in the car reading. Unfortunately now I get much more nauseous in the car and can only read for about 10 minutes. However, books always come with me for trips because camping, or days at the beach are my favorite days to spend reading. 

What are your travel necessities?


Broadway Glam & A Night At Wicked

Dress: JC Penny | Shoes: Beall's (put brand) | Tights: Target (old)
Earrings: Target | Clutch: Vintage | Jacket: London Fog (thrifted) | Scarf: Old Navy (old) 

When you are in New York its only fitting that you go to a Broadway show, and if you go to a Broadway show its only fitting that you "dress to the nines". When I think of Broadway or any kind of theater production I always think of dressing up, to me going to a production is a special event and I want to make the most of it (which is usually treating as an excuse to dress up). I guess the ideas of "Broadway," especially in New York always made me think of people donning their finest cocktail dresses or LBD's and enjoying a night out, so that was definitely the inspiration for my best friend and I when attending Wicked. 

You can imagine our surprise then, when we showed up at theater and realized that we were the only ones (for the most part) who were truly "dressed up." Maybe it was due to the 15 degree FREEZING cold weather that most people opted for warm winter clothes, but I thought everyone would be dressed up. Nevertheless, that didn't diminish our enthusiasm for taking 2 hours to do our hair and makeup, put on false lashes, swipe on sparkly eye shadow and slip into our fabulous LBD's (little black dresses). 

Seeing Wicked was AMAZING! Definitely a highlight of my trip:) Plus, I think we can all agree that seeing Wicked in NEW YORK (or any Broadway) is ten times MORE AMAZING! The show, the costumes, the music, the atmosphere......AMAZING! I had bought the soundtrack before seeing Wicked so it was so much fun humming and singing along to all the music. If you haven't seen wicked I would definitely recommend it, the story is so incredible and inspiring and the ending is so not what you expect at all, plus the musical actually explains the back story to three of the other important character from The Wizard of Oz (The lion, Tin man, & Scarecrow), and gives you the back story to the "Wicked Witch Of The West". 

Since I wanted to go with a dressed up evening look, I settled on this LBD with was my graduation and Christmas dress and I knew that it would make the perfect dress for seeing Wicked in NY. I love that the dress has a 60's silhouette feel with touches of ladylike lace, ruffles, and velvet bows.....it's perfection and so comfortable. Since the dress was black and we were going to see Wicked (and since I like to dress for the occasion/theme) I decided to wear shimmery silver tights with these black strappy suede heels.....I ended up looking a bit "witchy" inspired but we were going to see Wicked so I was all for it:) The only jewelry I wore was a pair of silver sparkly drop ball earrings which really were the perfect accessory since the dress already had so many ruffles and bows. For leaving our Air bnb and walking to the theater I wore my wine red London Fog jacket and my green plaid scarf (also seen here), which was kind of funny because my best friend wore the same thing but opposite, a green jacket and red plaid scarf.....we looked and felt quite sophisticated. 

Our evening at Wicked was definitely a highlight and made our New York trip so much fun! 

Have you ever seen a Broadway show in New York?
Have you seen Wicked?



Top: Faded Glory | Culottes: Thrifted | Belt: Thrifted | Shoes: Belle's | Pin: Forever21 | Purse: Charming Charlies | Beret: c/o Gamiss 

I've always said that my favorite color is a light blush pink, however as the years have gone by I have discovered that there is one color I seem to gravitate towards the most.....YELLOW. Maybe it's the warm cheery qualities the color makes me feel, but somehow warm yellows and mustards are two colors I always grab when shopping, run to as soon as I see them, or always end up reaching for when I am putting together a look. I would almost go so far as to say that yellow just might be my signature color (or quickly becoming one)? 
I remember the first time I realized how much I loved yellow, I was attending a ball one spring and wore a dress that reminded me of Belle's gown from beauty and the beast. From that moment on I came to love wearing the color yellow. Throughout the years I have collected pieces here and there in the cheery hue and even have a section of spring "vintage sheet" dresses dedicated to the color yellow.
This look especially pulls in the golden hues with this bright yellow beret and yellow striped top. Every time I reach for these Culottes I always grab a striped shirt to pair with it, like in this post. Something about them screams FRENCH and I always give into the inspiration, especially considering this look also reminded me of the story of "Madeline"and her yellow hats and uniforms.  Thus, keeping with the french theme the beret was a definite must as was my blue macaroon pin:) I wanted the look to be super classy so these three strap seude heels were the perfect thing to bring the look together. Really you can't go wrong with black, stripes, and a beret....they are classics!

What is your signature color?


The Art of Saying No

Do you ever feel the pressure to please people but at the same time stick to a schedule that works for you and flows with adequate time to get everything accomplished?

With the way my life has been changing lately (graduating college, working part time, subbing, studying, etc.) I have started to feel the weight and pressure of overbooking myself, agreeing to do to much, wanting to help everyone, and still have time to get done what I need to do in my own life to help my family and study to pass my certification tests.....not to mention my own personal sanity and getting enough sleep. 

I have always been someone who could easily say "NO" when it came to things that went against what I believed, didn't see as right, or were to overwhelming for my introverted personality. Believe me, if you call me and want me to be somewhere or doe something in an hour I will probably say no because that is to short of notice. However, I am also a person who likes to be "helpful"....... I love helping people out, especially if I am the only one available to help them (or that is what they make it sound like). So often times even if I don't really want to do something I say yes because I feel guilty or think I have to. I think this comes from my desire as an "advocate" (INFJ) to find or help a cause.....sometimes I like to be needed. However, this comes with it's share of downsides..........one being that I sometimes find it hard to say NO. 

I HATE to hurt peoples feelings, and I hate letting people down. If someone asks me to do something I always want to help them, a lot of times I will gladly say "YES" especially if they seem like they are in a tight spot. However, sometimes this comes at a cost to my schedule and time. Since I am currently trying to study to pass my two certification tests as well as help my family out with my responsibilities, I have to think about the time I devote to each, in relation to the other things I agree to. 

Saying NO is sometimes hard for me because I feel like I am letting people down (and I don't like disappointing people). In the past when people have made assumptions about me or said something in regards to my character that wasn't true I sometimes take it personally......its part of my nature. But I often loose sight of the fact that it hardly ever is true, and I can't let what others think of me determine the decision I make. I can't let others possible disappointment determine my agreeing to something that I don't have time for. My mom has a saying "What's good isn't always what's best" and I have learned recently that this needs to become a motto for my life:) 

For years I have always been known to tell my friends "It's okay to say NO" (because that is another thing my mom has always said to me) and now that I am put in positions where I have to make decisions based off of my desire to help people and my need to also do what is best for my life and schedule, I realize that I kind of need to start taking my own advice. However, saying NO sometimes takes practice. You know that scene in 27 Dresses where Kevin gives Jane a lesson on saying NO (because she always agrees to to much out of her desire to help everyone which comes at a detriment to her time, emotions, and schedule)..... that's what I have been trying to practice. 

Obviously I am not sharing this to say that we need to just go around saying "NO" to everyone and everything, but the art of saying NO comes with our realization of making choices and decisions based on what is BEST. Often we make decisions quickly without thinking through all the options and logistics in regards to not only what we are being asked, but also in regards to our life. In order to make "wise" decisions and learn to say NO when need be, I have started to ask myself questions:

Do I really have time in my schedule to add this? 
If I agree to this will I still have time to complete my other tasks and responsibilities? 
Will it be a detriment to my health, sanity, and sleep?  
Will this benefit me in any way?
Do I have other plans this week that take up a good bit of time?
Am I their only option or do they have other people they can ask?

Sometimes saying NO means making a hard decision for the right reasons. The more we commit to and say "yes" to the more our schedule gets busy and time gets away from us which inadvertently leads to stress, which isn't good! I have learned that I have to let go of worrying about what the other person will think because if I agree to more than I can handle I am not doing myself any favors. In some instances saying NO can be easy, but often times it is hard when another person(s) is involved. However, at the end of the day we have to remember "what's good isn't always what's best," take a breath, say NO, and move on. 

Do you struggle with saying NO?
How have you learned to say NO?


Traveling As An Introvert

Skirt: Vintage | Sweater: Faded Glory | Tights: Amazon | Socks: Forever 21 | Shoes: Target |
Jacket: Thrifted (London Fog) | Scarf: Old Navy (old) | Beret: Amazon 

If you have been around this corner of the blogsphere for while and have followed along on my journey you know how passionate I am about sharing who I am as an Introvert and what that means in different facets of my life. Through the last couple of years in learning more about who I am I have learned how to maintain my energy and sanity amidst a busy and sometimes crazy life. Thus, when it comes to traveling as an Introvert, it can be both emotionally and physically draining more than the typical person. 
On my trip to New York in January I learned just how taxing travel can be for an Introvert, but I also learned how to cope with that to keep my energy at a constant level. Not only can travel be fast passed, but it can be stressful, as was our trip the first couple of days. Our original flight got canceled due to weather so all my carefully articulated plans went out the window and I had to rework everything (not to mention we lost almost 2 days of city time). On top of our flight, our first night in New York (really our first 3 hours at 1:00 am in the morning) were not what I had expected at all and emotions were running high as quick decisions and judgments had to be made. All in all there were a host of unexpected things that came up before and during our trip that to the typical personal are a lot to handle, and to an Introvert (INFJ) are even more overwhelming. 
Thankfully, both my best friend and I decided to just breathe and not try to rush or overpack our days in New York. Even though we lost two days (we were able to add two days on) we didn't want to make our trip stressful by over booking ourselves. We ended up only doing 2-3 major tourist stops each day and made it back to our air bnb no later than 7:00pm every night. 
As the personality of Introverts go, being around lots of people for extended periods of time is what drains us. However, even being in a huge city like New York with lots of people and sometimes riding crowded subways wasn't all that draining for me (probably because I like people watching). The thing that always drains me is freaking out when the schedule or day doesn't go according to plan or when I am going non stop 24/7, while mentally thinking about what comes next. I had to learn to live in the moment while in New York, because otherwise I would have missed so many of the important or little things that the city had to offer. 

So....in a nutshell what did I learn about traveling as an Introvert?

  1. Make plans, but be FLEXIBLE: I am a planner, its part of my nature and personality and helps me not stress out about the need to be spontaneous. However, life rarely goes according to "my plans" and I have to be willing to let go and change things up. If I am flexible to change I don't allow stress in. 
  2. Take your time in the morning: Nothing sets your day off to a rough start being rushed! Set your alarm where you have plenty of time to get up, get ready, and eat something (or drink coffee) before you head out for the day. If your alarm just so happens to go off later, don't stress it. Get mentally prepared for the day. 
  3. Live in the moment: this seems like a bit of a stretch because it lends itself to being spontaneous (which I am not), but what I mean by this is enjoy every part of your day. If you are at a museum, enjoy taking in the sights and displays (don't think about the place you need to go next). 
  4. Take time to recharge during the day: Sometimes for me this was just sitting still for 10 minutes on the subway getting caught up in my thoughts. Other times this was stopping for a cup of coffee and taking a moment to be still amidst the constant moving. While this definitely didn't recharge me all the way, it helped me refocus and breathe amidst a busy day. 
  5. Drink your coffee and tea! So I'm basically immune to the caffeine in coffee, so sometimes it's more of a comfort thing, but my mornings and days aren't the same without a good warm cup of Jo! If you are into tea, that's good too. Typically I drink coffee in the morning and tea at night.....it's the start and finish to my day! 
  6. Don't Stay out late: I think this goes without saying....but after a long busy day of travel and sight seeing return back to your accommodations early in the evening. 
  7. Take a Slow lazy night: So during our trip we didn't actually eat dinner out anywhere in the evenings, we made all of our meals at our air bnb and sat on the couch in pajamas and fuzzy socks watching The Great British Bake Off like old ladies....it was great! 
  8. Always take a book: in true Rory Gilmore style always carry a book with you when traveling. You can read it in the car, on the subway, or on the plane....its your best friend. 
  9. You need your music: music lends itself to helping us escape and relax, so every body (especially introverts) need music when traveling. It can help you fall asleep in a new place, drown out the noises of the plane, give you energy, you name it! 
  10. Don't loose yourself: I think we as people can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and through this loose who we are. The same thing can be said for introverts who go somewhere out of their comfort zone. Just because you are traveling doesn't mean you have to stop being an introvert or be more extroverted. Sure, you might have to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, but you don't have to compromise who you are to still get the most our of your experience or trip:) 

What are your trips for travel?