//Confessions of a Fashion Blogger//Who Am I Really?

 Happy Thursday lovely readers! As always today is the day for my weekly (usually) post, and this week we have reached the third topic of the April series!
I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting down to write this series every week and talk about what I go through every day when it comes to fashion and my style, as well as my confessions of being the fashion blogger that I am. It has blown me away the response I have received these last few weeks from the posts and I have so very much enjoyed reading your comments!!!:)
This week we will be tackling the topic of “Who Am I Really?”

When it comes to fashion, that is really just a general term used to describe the type of clothes we wear, for everyone wears fashions. However, when we dive deeper into the topic of fashion we find that there is    another word needed when talking about how we dress and who we are…..that word is style

As once stated by Edna Woodman Chase:

 “Fashion is general…Style is Individual.”

Have you ever noticed people on the street, in the store, or people you know, and think “why do they dress like that?” That is called style, a fashion or use of fashion that is unique to an individual. When we think about it more, each of us has our own unique style. Through style, we are given the freedom to create and be who we are!
Now, when it comes to style there are definitely different types and one can almost think of those as our “fashion personality.” Clothes have the power to speak volumes and each day we choose to wear something that shows who we are. 

For you ease and interest I have provided a list of different fashion personalities:
The Classic Girl-
You consider “trend” a dirty word. You love a crisp white shirt, and well-cut trench, and wonderfully tailored shift dress in midnight black.
The Bohemian Babe-
You gravitate toward fabrics that have fluidity and ease and hate anything too tailored.
The Trend-Driven Diva-
You love being current with the latest trends and styles. Your friends come to you to ask what’s in this season.
The Posh Princess-
Your style is very pulled together and chic. You’re a fan of structured silhouettes and outfits that have a precise theme.
The Color-Is-My-Middle-Name Cutie-
You’re not afraid to tango with tangerine or salsa with saffron. A love for color ignites your mood. You light up the darkest rooms.
The Noir-Is-The-New-Black Betty-
Never mind what the magazines do or don’t say black is the new black in your book. It’s your go-to hue no matter the season or the state.
The Feminine Frilly-
You embrace your girly side with sweet details like lace, ruffles, and bows. The color pink reigns supreme.
The Vintage Time-
You love making a piece from another era look modern or keeping it just the way it is; preferring one-of-a-kind vintage items to off-the-rack ready-to-wear.
The Sporty Spice-
Sneakers and cargo pants are your idea of wardrobe staples. You look for plenty of flexibility and room for movement in your clothes.
Hip to Be Squaredster -
Sneakers and oversized flannels and sweaters are what you live for. You enjoy throwing on something comfy and out of the norm, most often donning nerdy glasses and sneakers .

(From the book Never Pay Retail Again by Daisy Lewellyn)

You might be looking at this list and think to yourself “Um, none of these are really me?” and that is quite okay! Like I said, style is personal and there are no borders in which we are confined, we can be torn from more than one type of cloth...that is the beauty of style.

Thus, is where we get to the question of who I really am!

I will be the first to admit that I am a girl of many fashion personalities (probably 5….or more) but there are three that I live with most frequently: Vintage, Boho, and Hipster. Now, this might come as a slight surprise to some of you as most everything I post on the blog is Vintage. However, I have a deep affinity for the free spirited, flower wreath wearing boho style and the geeky hobo hipster. Now, while I do wear vintage most often, there are many days where my vintage has a pop of boho or hipster in the mix!

Nonetheless, if I am going to talk about this topic I have to draw on things I have said in recent posts. Like I have stated before, I dress the way I do because it makes me feel comfortable and I always want to be the best version of myself. Therefore, when addressing this topic today, I can confess that hipster is the style I wear less frequently due to its casual vibe, so this is most often my go to on busy days or for throwing something on quickly. I am kind of a geeky girl (and a fangirl too) so this is probably why I love hipster style as an excuse to wear my favorite super hero tshirts and sport my glasses (which are fake…hehe). Plus, it is very relaxed and can also frequently carry a vintage vibe through high waisted pants. But enough with the style in which many people pay a fortune to dress like a hobo (seriously they do!). Oh, and I love sneakers!!

Next we have Boho. While I still do not dress in this style frequently, if I were to dress any other way than Vintage on a daily basis it would be Boho! (One of my best friend has a total Boho style and rocks it all the time) I find that this style however, can be implemented with vintage very easily, though this method usually calls for spring and summer weatherJ Through wearing fun floral vintage dresses and light colors it is very simple to add a flower wreath or hippie headband to an ensemble while keeping it a mix of both vintage /boho. Most likely this style will occupy my wardrobe in the coming months.

Now, why do I take the time to write about this today? Because I am constantly asking myself “Who Am I Really (style wise)?” (and I know I am not the only one). There are so many days that I look in my closet and want to grab at my hipster stash or throw on a little something boho, but then I pull back and stick with vintage. Why? Quite honestly I don’t have a fully concise answer. Maybe it is truly because I am a mix of soooo many different types of fashion personalities (well that is definitely the reason why I struggle with questioning who I really am). However, why do I always fall back on vintage 85% of the time? I honestly think it all goes back to the fact of what I feel confident in! I am confident in dressing up, most all the time and looking COMPLETELY different. I always have and always will be an old fashioned girl, it is a part of me, I guess, and might just effect my style on a day to day basis. This is not to say that some days I go off the grid of norm for me and wear something in a different style personality but I always go back to vintage at the end of the day. Therefore to answer the question of “Who Am I Really?” I must confess that I am a lot of things…..but mostly vintageJ.

I know that you are probably more than one style personality as well so embrace your freedom to wear what you love and what you are confident in!! Style is personal and individual take the freedom it gives and create!

Until next weekJ

Are you more than one style personality

What style do you always fall back on ?

If you could be another style personality which would it be?


  1. Great post! I think my styles vary between vintage and casual/preppy. I think i generally fall back on the preppy style because my skirts and dresses have a more vintage feel and I usually just get up and put on a pair of jeans first thing.

  2. I definitely am more than one style personality. As much as I love authentic vintage, on a day to day basis most of the time I wear pretty modern stuff, though my absolute favorite outfits involve 1/2 circle skirts and t-shirts. So, you could say I am a mix of modern and vintage. :)

    the Middle Sister and Singer