4 Easy Short Hairstyles

I thought it was high time I did another hairstyle idea post. Quite honestly it makes me chuckle thinking about how these hairstyle posts come to life because it usually involves me running around my room 20 minutes before class and snapping pictures!! This time my hair is about three inches shorter than it was in the last hairstyle post so here are 4 easy hairstyles for all of you who have short hair (though these can easily go either way). 
 First up is "The Flip" and it is everything it sounds like....just take a curling iron or straightener and curl the ends of your hair up, by doing this you get a flip! I used to wear this style ALL the time when I was growing up and now that I have short hair again it works quite nicely and offers a different look and feel than simply curled hair. 
Number two is a style that I honestly don't wear enough but after putting it together for this post I fell in love with how simple and different this ponytail was. It isn't your typical ponytail however, because not only does it have wispy little hairs in the front framing your face, but it also incorporates a classic and girly ribon which completely reminds me of the hairstyles that Rebecca from A Clothes Horse would wear. After fitting in this shoot on Tuesday morning I ended up wearing this hairstyle for the rest of the day!
Number three is easy peasy as all you need is a headband! Granted, you might have slightly unruly hair that threatens to spread out in every way and thus you have to tame it down, but even after you quickly do that you just throw in a quick headband of your choice. This particular headband is a gathered cotton headband I picked up at Forever 21 while back and I simply LOVE the blue color. With this style and variations of it (depending on the headband) I have come to realize how easy short hair is when you just use a headband. 
Last but not least, and a style that takes me back to my own pigtail running around days is this cute and quick style:) I have always loved how pigtails look and how they take you back to your youth, but I never wear them enough. However, when putting together these styles for the post I quickly discovered how easy this style was for my short hair and how much I liked it! Pretty sure this will be a recurring style this summer.

There are two weeks left of school....I can't believe this semester is almost over! When I reach the last day I might just have to have an impromptu dance party in my room complete with crazy dance moves and a brush microphone....whose with me?
For any of you wondering "Madison, why didn't you talk about what you are wearing?" As much as I could easily talk about what I am wearing in these pictures I figured I would make you all wait:) Have no fear dear readers, this look, dungarees and all will be getting photographed this weekend and will hit the blog sometime next week!!

For now I am off for a full weekend of blogging "stuff" complete with multiple photo shoots and maybe even a thrift video of I have some time:)

Do you have short hair like me?
Would you or have you ever used one of these styles?
What will you do at the end of your semester?



  1. Thanks, Madison! I recently cut my hair again, and it (unintentionally) ended up being about shoulder length thanks to the curl factor. I haven't had it that short since I was little. I hadn't thought about using a hairband with it, so I just might have to do that today.


  2. I know how you feel on the whole your hair being shorter than anticipated! The headband would look fabulous with curly hair:)

  3. Madison! The photography on these look great! I like the white background and lighting. It looks very professional. And, of course, you're the cutest model! Aunt Robin

  4. Awe, thank you so much! You are the best :)