Here at Minnie Muse I am all about sharing my love for Vintage & Fashion with my lovely readers. If you have a product or shop that you would like me to feature, review, or partner with for a giveaway I would love to work with you! Blogs are becoming a big part of PR for brand recognition and growth, therefore Minnie Muse might just be the place for you!

Minnie Muse is a fairly new blog in the blogsphere, only having been around two years, thus there is definitely room for future growth and I can't wait to see where that takes me. 

You can contact me for information, further inquiries, partnering opportunities, or simply to chat at:

Minnie Muse blog Stats as of March 2017:
Pinterest: 1K Followers
Instagram: 1,750 Followers
Bloglovin: 177 Followers 
Twitter: 140
Av. Daily Page Views: 300+
                                                    Av. Page Views Per. Month: 7,500                                                  

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